A bit about the Artist...


My Background

     Originally from New York (born in Brooklyn), I moved to New Jersey a few years ago by way of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Charleston SC, Colorado, New Orleans, LA and Southern France. 

     I come from a creative, artistic lineage.  I have recently realized that  creativity comes on all forms and in all types of stages.  I guess I had just never thought about it in that way.  My sister is am amazing artist (, my brother is a super chef, my father was a collector and dabbler (always making something), my mom too was an artist. My nephews are creative as well...

  I could go on with my family's artistic creative endeavors... 

In my day job, I went with something viewed as less "artistic"....  

I am a scientist, trained and employed as an organic chemist. (Although I think OC is an artistic science.)  In my career as a scientist I have been an assistant professor, tutored OC full time, a research chemist for the USDA, and recently am trying my hand in an industrial setting due to my fondness for food, shelter and an interest in professional growth. I work with colors in my technical job as well.  I can't get away from the artistic penchant. :) 

I devote as much time as I can to my passions and play which include art, dance and writing. 

Bartering and Buying

 I have bartered, gifted and sold my artwork and have designed greeting cards and prints of certain pieces. Last I counted my artwork is displayed in various settings in 14 differents states (e.g. Flanders & Hillsborough, NJ; Boston, MA, Pittsburg, PA, Vero Beach. FL - just to name a few).

I hope you enjoy some of the images in the gallery. 

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