About Me



Colors and Intuition.  

My training in art has not been very formal - various post-bachelor courses, a few correcpondence courses, and lots of practicing and self-directed exploration with color and visual effects. My spark for pursuing drawing began when I was given an old box of wooden watercolor pencils about 20 years ago.  I simply found the colors enticing and wanted to see their unusual juxtaposition. I used the colors I liked together placing one color blotch next to anohter in the shapes that felt right to draw. I guess it can be called an intuitive approach.  To my surprise, from these patterns of small shapes an image would emerge as I drew them and I would continue down a path not knowing exactly when randomness gave way to intent. 

Did I intend to draw a Mardi Gras Masque?  After all I was living in New Orleans for a stint... Or did I draw dancers kicking high and playing the tamborine?  I suppose I determined that once I signed the piece. As I was creating the work, neither one of those was my early intention. 


Medium and Concepts

I enjoy working with water color pencils, simple graphite pencils, oil pastels (using solvents to blend different colors) but continue to try new things. I have recently begun exploring working with inks, building collages, and photography.  Since I haven't been formally trained I often use medium in ways not intended or simply a bit different.  In my more intiutive drawings, I do not keep the paper in the same direction - in fact it rotates depending on the shape and angle of the new section I am adding (This enables me to see the different images that 'come up'. I use paint pens blended with water colors, Indian ink with graphite.  I use brushes, sponges and paper towels to get the right soft blending of oil pastels.